Best Xbox 360 NHL Games

The Xbox 360 NHL games are the best for those who are a huge fan of the sport. There are different versions of this game and here is the list of the best NHL games:a. Xbox 360 NHL 10: This is said to be released on September 8, 2009. A new mode known as the Cup Mode will let you play until you stop, even with an injury you can play all you want. Under the GM Mode, you will be able to pick amateur players, then broaden your experience and hire a staff. Another exciting feature of the Xbox 360 NHL 10 is that it allows you to tug on your opponents’ jersey even if the game has not started yet.b. Xbox 360 NHL 09: It is no secret that NHL 08 has been on the top of the list of hockey fanatics but NHL 09 does its best to top it. NHL 09 has greatly improved on its characters, game controls and its game modes. The game controls are flawless and you do not need to be a genius to figure how the controls work.A new feature, Be A Pro, lets you create your won character and there are different options to choose from. If you want to jump right into the game then you can just choose from the characters that are already created.If you think that you can spend all your time inside the ring, you are wrong because this is not how it goes in the real world. You also need to take a break and know when to get back on the ice. Step up your game and eventually you might be picked by your coach as his best player.c. Xbox 360 NHL 08: This version is said to be come close to be a perfect match to a real hockey game. It takes in all the things that are happening in the real world of hockey. With the use of a new skating engine and dynamic AI this goal was achieved.The dynamic AI monitors if you are using the same technique over and over again. If you are, then the AI will simply beat you. So you better have different techniques in mind to step up your game. Creating your character is also a fun part because you get to lay down all the details on your character.Now that we have list down the best Xbox 360 NHL games, you will not have a hard time looking for one anymore.

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